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Entries from February 2009

Get Rid Of Cold Sore In 24 Hours At Home

February 28th, 2009 · 735 Comments · Articles

You’ve already got a developed cold sore (I take it it’s already started to emerge at least as a red bump if not a full-blown blister, if not then see this for preventative measures that can stop an outbreak before it happens: Cold Sore Home Remedy), it hurts, it itches, it’s contagious so you can’t [...]

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Lip Cold Sore – Top 5 Treatments (prescription, OTC, and home remedy)

February 27th, 2009 · 220 Comments · Articles

So you’ve got a cold sore on your lip, eh? Well, that sucks.  Sorry, I know that wasn’t helpful, but I’m used to it enough at this point such that that’s precisely what I think when I look in the mirror in the morning and see that I’ve got one developing: “well, that sucks…” Ok, [...]

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Cold Sore Blister: What is it, and how to treat it?

February 27th, 2009 · 96 Comments · Articles

A cold sore blister is the outward symptom of an outbreak of the Herpes Simplex Virus–most likely the Type 1 strain, aka HSV-1, although 1 in 6 cases of oral herpes involve the HSV-2 strain, which is the one typically associated with genital herpes, see What Is A Cold Sore? for more info. They normally [...]

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What Is A Cold Sore? Basics of What A Cold Sore Is

February 25th, 2009 · 233 Comments · Articles

(To the left is a picture of the Herpes Simplex Virus from a scanning electron microscope) A cold sore is a blister on the skin, usually around the mouth, that is the primary (and usually the only) symptom of an outbreak of the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus (aka “HSV-1″).  Something to point out is [...]

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